Rolex Daytona M116515ln-0006 Rosegold


  • Brand Rolex
  • Range Daytona
  • Model M116515ln-0006
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement SWISS Cal.4130 Automatic Movement
  • Case Size 40 mm
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Rolex Daytona M116515ln-0006 Rosegold Watches is based on the original watch mold manufacturing, the case is made of high-quality steel, the LOGO strap and other details are consistent with the original watch, the imported Swiss movement is used, the power is durable and strong, the excellent workmanship, the elegant appearance is in the replica watch The boutique.

Rolex Daytona M116515ln-0006 Rosegold Watches high-quality workmanship at a low price can satisfy your dream of pursuing the original watch. The Rolex Daytona M116515ln-0006 Rosegold Watches we sell is the best quality source of replica watches of the same model on the market, and it is the closest to the original handicraft. Non-professionals can't distinguish the difference from the original factory. Whether you wear it by yourself, give it to friends, give it to your family, or use it as a collection, it is excellent value for money.

High quality-Exclusive 13mm Rolex Daytona in the market

V2 version ultra-thin “13mm” timing function is working properly

There are four main obvious upgrades

1. Thickness: The V2 version has once again made a significant breakthrough in thickness, with the rear lid locked to a minimum thickness of 13.15mm, which is much thinner than all 7750 versions on the market, and the timing function is functioning normally

2 laps: The scale is filled with platinum, and the font is upgraded to be thicker and larger, no difference from the original. The polishing is more delicate and the gloss is improved

3 fonts: The font is clearer when printed, the scale bar and needle are polished more roundly, and the night light is brighter!

4 Case: The upgraded lines of the case are no different from the original, and the polishing is more delicate!

New Dytona’s upgraded version has the thinnest thickness of 13mm in the market 7750 movement version, and all functions are normal. The timing function is 100% the same as that of the original or N 4130 movement, and the common problem of noise in the 7750 movement has been solved, Exclusive and self created technology perfectly solves the problem of dry noise, and the automatic swing no longer makes a loud noise! Quickly killing all 7750 dungeon dungeons on the market, and also the only dungeon dungeon dungeon that can be comparable to the original.

The cost-effectiveness is extremely high, and there is no need to consider it. The store owner recommends getting started! The tape style comes with the latest original and can be cut with a pair of natural rubber tape!


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