Rolex Datejust M126234-0019


  • Brand Rolex
  • Range Datejust
  • Model M126234-0019
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement SWISS ETA3235 Automatic Movement
  • Case Size 36 mm
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Rolex Datejust M126234-0019 Watches is based on the original watch mold manufacturing, the case is made of high-quality steel, the LOGO strap and other details are consistent with the original watch, the imported Swiss movement is used, the power is durable and strong, the excellent workmanship, the elegant appearance is in the replica watch The boutique.

Rolex Datejust M126234-0019 Watches high-quality workmanship at a low price can satisfy your dream of pursuing the original watch. The Rolex Datejust M126234-0019 Watches we sell is the best quality source of replica watches of the same model on the market, and it is the closest to the original handicraft. Non-professionals can't distinguish the difference from the original factory. Whether you wear it by yourself, give it to friends, give it to your family, or use it as a collection, it is excellent value for money.

GM Factory 36mm Five Ball Steel Strip Log V2 Edition 3235 Integrated Machine V3 Series

The V3 series is aimed at purchasing the latest version of the original as a comprehensive update, which differs from the past in several aspects as follows:

1: Revise the polishing process and quality of steel belts and buckle making, improve the distance between belt joints and particles, and correct the tightness of the “buckle making switch”,

Make the sound and feel of the “switch” button close to the original one!

2: Modify the triangular slope and size of the tooth angle of the tooth ring pattern to be consistent with the original one.

3: Modify the font texture and font, as well as the calendar embossing and font.

4: Modify the size of the case, fit the small body size of the strap, and ensure that the thickness of the case is consistent with the original design.

5: The most important update is that the movement equipped with this model is the newly developed V2 version 3235 all-in-one machine, which has the same functions as the original movement

Bottom structure distribution, typing, bottom plate pattern washing, etc., all unlimited ♾ Approaching! It is not a simple structure of the so-called+base plate, but developed as a whole!

GM products cannot be called the most exquisite, but they are conscientious products that continuously strive to improve their quality with all their heart and effort

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